Hand-made clothes with a story.

One-off creations with a free spirit in mind.

Global designs. Locally-produced. Artisan-inspired.


Avana Vietnam’s gender-fluid garments are a contrast of strength and sensuality whose main aim is to empower both men and women of all shapes, colors, and backgrounds. Influenced by cultural differences, Avana bridges ideas and inspirations from the east and the west.

As a brand, Avana’s creative process flows from a large collection of hand-picked fabrics that were curated from the remote corners of the globe. And as a large part of a zero-waste movement, combined with rare ethnic tribal patterns, and handwoven textiles, each collection showcases a series of collages of natural and organic fibers that are produced ethically; making each design truly colorful and energetic in the most artistic sense. The same goes for the black and white collection of garments that were inspired by the avant-garde streetwear look.


Supporting communities and dying crafts

Working and supporting artisans

Zero-waste fashion 


Avana Vietnam has a social responsibility towards the producers and artisans by offering them training and supporting the livelihood of each community that they work with, either here in Vietnam or abroad. Through this social mission, Avana Vietnam is able to reach a low level of carbon footprint. 


One way of reaching this zero emission solution is by guiding the customers to care for their Avana clothing in ways that could make the lowest impacts on the ecosystem, such as hand washing each piece, and other small but environmental ways on keeping the garments in the best conditions for the longest period of time.

Hand-made. One-off creations. Global designs. Locally-produced. Artisan-inspired.

Zero-waste fashion. Supporting communities. Supporting artisans & dying crafts.

Zero-waste fashion. Supporting communities. Supporting dying crafts.

Zero-waste fashion. Supporting communities. Supporting dying crafts.

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